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Here's what clients are saying...

We have worked with several well-known interior designers in the Washington, DC area. Mike is, by far, the best. Without question, he is exceptional. His design aesthetic is crisp, clean, and classic. He has turned our home into a showpiece, while mindful of the fact that we have small children.  There have been some serious design challenges with our new home, and Mike has always guided us down the right path.  I also like the way Mike "presents" his suggestions for a room, It's very easy to understand. Also, his billing statements are very clear (and of course very fair).  I highly recommend Mike.

Christina M., Arlington, VA

We have done several projects wtih Michael and each has exceeded our expectations. We have been very happy with the quality of all his suggested vendors and especially pleased with the unique accents he has found that really make the rooms pop. Each project was completed on time and within budget, which had not been our experience with other designers. We highly recommend working with Michael.

Bridget O., McLean, VA and Rehoboth Beach, DE

Mike has been a great design partner with me as I remodeled every room of my Logan Circle townhouse. He listens intently to what you want and then presents creative and intriguing designs back. When Mike presented me with concepts they were always better than what I had been picturing in my head, but he still matched the style and aesthetic I was seeking - better than I even knew was possible. And when there was something he recommended that I didn't feel good about, Mike was quick to respond with awesome alternatives. This was my first time working with an interior designer - I always thought my own taste was good enough. What I learned is that with a designer like Mike - my own taste was incorporated at every turn and in every decision but Mike was able to show me options I could never come across in a retail store and wouldn't have imagined on my own. He has great taste, strong judgment, a serious work ethic, and is a quick and succinct communicator.

Terry M., Washington, DC

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